Cannes Classics 2018

1819710048The 71st Festival de Cannes will take place from Tuesday, 8th May to Saturday, 19th May 2018.

Festival de Cannes

Cannes Classics 2018

Cannes Classics
Cannes Classics 2018 © FDC

Two women belonging to the history of cinema, Alice Guy and Jane Fonda, 2001: A Space Odyssey turning 50 as seen by Christopher Nolan, an essay by Mark Cousins about Orson Welles, Margarethe von Trotta’s tribute to Bergman, Fernando Solanas and The Hour of the Furnaces, Five and the Skin by Pierre Rissient being re-released, African patrimonial cinema, unknown treasures and internationally recognized masterpieces. By screening heritage films in restored 2K and 4K versions or an exceptional photochemical film recreation, Cannes Classics continues its work by exploring the history of cinema with documentaries produced in 2018 and feature films presented to us by producers, distributors, foundations, cinematheques, right-holders who work to protect the past and revive it in present days.

All the screenings will be introduced either by directors, artists or specialists in charge of the restorations either by professionals from the archive world or cinematheques. […]

Cannes Classics 2018
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