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FILMADRID International Film Festival
IVth Edition

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In its 4th edition, FILMADRID will present a total of 75 films, 40 of them as part of the competitive sections Official, Vanguards and Pasajes de Cine, and the rest as special screenings or non competitive sections. A total of 41 premieres in Spain, 5 of them World premieres.

We will have four retrospectives in our section FOCOS: “Endless Nights”, with the night as the drive shaft of the festival; Tonino de Bernardi, the Italian genius; Raquel Chalfi, an unknown myth of feminism; and Khalik Allah, a contemporary revolutionary of Black cinema.


  1. Meteors (Gürcan Keltek, 2017) Turkey/ The Netherlands 85’
  2. Also Known As Jihadi (Eric Baudelaire, 2017) France 102’
  3. The Wild Boys (Bertrand Mandico, 2017) France 110’
  4. The Unknown Craftsman (Amit Dutta, 2017) India 89’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  5. Inferninho (Guto Parente, Pedro Diógenes, 2018) Brazil 82’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  6. DRIFT (Helena Wittmann, 2017) Germany 97’
  7. Onde o verão vai (David Vicente, 2018) Portugal 20’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  8. Classical Period (Ted Fendt, 2018) USA 62’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  9. The Drift (Maeve Brennan, 2018) Lebanon/UK 51’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  10. Notes on an Appearance (Ricky D’Ambrose, 2018) USA 60’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  11. They Still Burn (Felice d’Agostino & Arturo Lavorato, 2017) Italy/France 93’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  12. Carry On (Mieriën Coppens, 2017) Belgium 12′ SPANISH PREMIERE
  13. Our Madness (João Viana, 2018) Mozambique/Guinea-Bissau 90’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  14. Trinta lumes (Diana Toucedo, 2018) Spain 80’
  15. O Termómetro de Galileu (Teresa Villaverde, 2018) Portugal 105’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  16. And What Is the Summer Saying (Payal Kapadia, 2018) India 23’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  17. Bundesliga (Tatsunari Ota, 2017) Japan 65’ INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE


  1. Nazidanie (Boris Yukhananov, Aleksandr Shein, 2017) Russia 148’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  2. Fluid Frontiers (Ephraim Asili, 2017) USA 23’
  3. Manila Scream Expanded (Roxlee, 2018) The Philippines 66’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  4. Plus Ultra (Helena Girón, Samuel M. Delgado, 2017) Spain 13’
  5. Mountain Plain Mountain (Yu Araki, Daniel Jacoby, 2018) Japan, The Netherlands, Spain 21’
  6. The Disappeared (Adam Kaplan, Gilad Baram, 2017) Israel 45’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  7. Can Limbo (Martín Baus, 2018) Spain/Chile 76′ WORLD PREMIERE
  8. Star Ferry (Simon Liu, 2018) Hong Kong/ USA 8’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  9. Optimism (Deborah Stratman, 2018) USA/Canada 15’
  10. Caerán lóstregos do ceo (Adrián Canoura, 2018) Spain 25’ WORLD PREMIERE
  11. Fugue, A Light’s Travelogue (Els van Riel, 2017) Belgium 29’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  12. Between Relating and Use (Nazli Dinçel, 2018) Argentina/ USA 9’
  13. What I Remember (Antoinette Zwirchmayr, 2017) Austria 64’


Our section dedicated to emerging Spanish filmmakers.

  1. ¿Para qué sirve un zeide? (Ilan Serruya, 2018) Spain 16’ WORLD PREMIERE
  2. La Isla (Miguel Rodríguez, 2017) Spain 56’
  3. En el poema el Ciervo huye (Rafael Guijarro, 2018) Spain 8’ WORLD PREMIERE
  4. Kunda (Pablo Teijón, 2018) Spain 9’ WORLD PREMIERE
  5. El Penalti (Alonso Valbuena, 2018) Spain 22’ WORLD PREMIERE
  6. Ansiedad y la cámara (Rocío Montaño, 2018) Spain 36’ WORLD PREMIERE
  7. Mi amado, las montañas (Alberto Martín Menacho, 2017) Switzerland/Spain 24’
  8. Ver a una mujer (Mònica Rovira, 2017) Spain 58’
  9. La cosa vuestra (María Cañas, 2018) Spain 43’ OUT OF COMPETITION
  10. La cosa nuestra (María Cañas, 2006) Spain 16’ OUT OF COMPETITION


  1. The Day After (Hong Sangsoo, 2017) Corea del Sur 92’ INAUGURACIÓN // OPENING FILM
  2. Claire’s Camera (Hong Sangsoo, 2017) Corea del Sur 69’ CLAUSURA // CLOSING FILM
  3. Ex Libris: The New York Public Library (Frederick Wiseman, 2017) USA 197’
  4. En attendant les barbares (Eugène Green, 2017) Francia 75’
  5. Little Crusader (Václav Kadrnka, 2017) República Checa 90′
  6. Das Satanische Dickicht – EINS / ZWEI / DREI (Willy Hans, 2014 – 2017) Alemania 81’ ESTRENO EN ESPAÑA / SPANISH PREMIERE


The night, a place of shadows but also of inspiration, is one of the spotlights, the main theme of Filmadrid 4th edition. The whole festival will revolve around this concept, reaching its highpoint with “Endless Nights”, a retrospective devoted to films whose action takes place over a single night.

  1. Noite Vazia (Walter Hugo Khouri, 1964) Brazil 93’
  2. Tout une nuit (Chantal Akerman, 1982) Belgium 90’
  3. Noches de vino tinto (José María Nunes, 1968) Spain 98’
  4. Violated Angels (Koji Wakamatsu, 1967) Japan 56’
  5. Vendredi soir (Claire Denis, 2002) France 90’
  6. Nuit de chien (Werner Schroeter, 2008) France 110’
  7. Die Strasse (Karl Grüne, 1923) Germany 89’
  8. Io sono Valentina Nappi (Monica Stambrini, 2017) Italy 49’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  9. Queen Kong (Monica Stambrini, 2016) Italy 19’


Considered as a master by Jonas Mekas and Pedro Costa, Tonino de Bernardi (Chivaso, 1937), is a myth of Italian filmmaking, a unique example of brilliance and independence. His films have been starred by key figures of European cinema, such as Isabelle Huppert, Inês and María de Medeiros, or Lou Castel.

His career starts at the end of the 1960s, in the context of underground cinema, with milestone works such as Il vaso etrusco (1967). The reinterpretation of Greek myths is an essential topic of his filmography, as shown in Elettra (1987), Médée Miracle (2007) –with Isabelle Huppert, who recreates Medea’s role– and Ifigenia in Aulide (2018), his most recent work, whose premiere in Spain will take place in Filmadrid 2018. Female presences remain always in the middle of his works and serve as well as a reflection from the changes of our world and from the unchangeable values.

This will be the first time Tonino de Bernardi’s films will be seen in Spain. The retrospective is carried out in collaboration with Filmoteca Española.

  1. La favolosa storia (1967-68): a collection of the shorts Il vaso etrusco (1967), Il bestiario (1967-68), Il sogno di Constantino (1968), Italy 95’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  2. Médée Miracle (2007) Italy 83’
  3. Rosatigre (2000) Italy 106’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  4. Ifigenia in Aulide (2016) Italy 90’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  5. Elettra (1987) Italy 93’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  6. Dei (1968-69) Italy 150’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  7. Lei (2002) Italy 105’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  8. Appassionate (1999) Italy 95’ SPANISH PREMIERE


An unusual figure of feminism in the 1980s, Raquel Chalfi (Tel Aviv) remains as one of the most fascinating and unknown figures of Middle Eastern cinema. Famous in Israel for her poetic work, Chalfi started filming in the 1970s, embracing the avant-garde of that time and focusing on the complexities of female identity and the freeing of those chains, often using a forceful dreamlike tone.

This retrospective of Chalfi’s work –totally unknown in Spain– is carried out in collaboration with La Casa Encendida.

  1. Bobo and the Hairstyling Industry (1969) Israel 8’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  2. Fall (1970) Israel 3’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  3. Posibilites or Bluebeard and me (1983) Israel 49’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  4. Her Dream (1987) Israel 18’ SPANISH PREMIERE
  5. The Hidden Fountain – The World of Miriam Chalfi, 1992-2016 (2018) Israel 97’


A photographer before filmmaker, Khalik Allah (New York, 1985) composes sublime images that at the same time reflect an extreme suffering, that of the black American community, forgotten by politicians and harassed by the police.

His approach, in which the poetic rawness of photography is mixed with a hypnotic rhythm and a purely cinematographic sonority, brings us closer to a world between dream and reality.

  1. Antonyms of Beauty (2013) USA 27’
  2. Field Niggas (2014) USA 60’
  3. Black Mother (2018) USA / Jamaica 75’ SPANISH PREMIERE


  1. La película infinita (Leandro Lisorti, 2018) Argentina 54’ SPANISH PREMIERE


For the second year we collaborate with the prestigious global film website and curated video-on-demand platform MUBI ( Once again, this will be a non-competitive section. The selected works will be shown during the dates of FILMADRID (7th till 16th of June, 2018) for online audiences on MUBI’s cinema publication, the Notebook. Additionally, there will be a free public screening of the selected works during the festival. The selection will be made by the programmers of MUBI and FILMADRID.

  1. Beyond Action (Ana Rodríguez León, 2018) 6’
  2. La corista roja (Jorge Negrete, 2018) 12’
  3. Cuadrante solar conjunto (Luis Lechosa, 2018) 22’
  4. Cruce de Tiempos: Los fantasmas de Kenji Mizoguchi y Chris Marker (Diego Cepeda, Toni González, Carmela García, Luis Franze, 2018) 4’
  5. Strange, What Love Does (Diego Cepeda, Luis Franze, Claudia Munuera, 2018) 6’
  6. Hollis (Miguel Rodríguez, 2018) 3’

The 2018 edition of FILMADRID will be held between the 7th and the 16th of June.

The program will also include public daily talks with the directors, and special activities: a cinephile route, outdoor screenings, courses and our section Vanguards Live, in which we blend audiovisual media with a live experience.

See the full program on our website:

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