TOYOTA X STUDIO4C Presents PES will hold Premiere Screening & Special Live at JAPAN EXPO!


TOYOTA X STUDIO4C presents “PES (Peace Eco Smile)”

World Premiere of «PES NEXT GENERATION” Music Videos!
Report of Screening & Director’s Talk Event




Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing (TMSM) exhibits PES (Peace Eco Smile), an original animation produced in collaboration with Studio4C, at “Japan Expo 14th Impact», the largest Japan trade fair in Europe held from July 4 to 7, 2013. 
The world premiere screenings of three new animation music videos was held on Friday, July 5. At this event, internationally renowned directors Toshiyuki Kubooka and Tatsuyuki Tanaka who are the creators of the new animation of PES and Una, who is the singer of PES collaboration music took the stage for greetings and talk show.
Moreover, on Saturday, July 6, the music event «PES NEXT GENERATION LIVE! TOYOTA X STUDIO4C meets ANA» will be held. The event will feature internationally popular artists, such as Una, NIGHTMARE, May’n and Urbangarde live concert along with talks and grand prize lottery. 

TMSM is considering how to make «a future that everyone wants» through ToyToyota Project content, events and brand appeal. The new energy for this lies in the movable hearts and curiosity of humanity, and the source of which is film and music. With this in mind, it has been producing new animation films and music videos. This output is not merely digital, but is communicated through real-world events as well, and accordingly TMSM is collaborating in a range of forms–with people, things and places–broadcasting its message through organic joint participation.

PES (Peace Eco Smile):


<Event Report>
Talk Event & New Music Videos World Premiere Screenings
In 2013 PES is producing a full animation film with leading directors from the world of anime. At this event, internationally renowned directors Toshiyuki Kubooka, Tatsuyuki Tanaka and the singer Una took to the stage to share their thoughts on the PES film. 
The event also featured the world premiere of three music videos made as part of the PES project.

Toshiyuki Kubooka
Kubooka is active in the video game industry while also enjoying great acclaim as an animator. He has won a passionate following from fans for the beguiling character design in the popular game «The Idolm@ster.» He also directed the epic feature-length anime «BERSERK Golden Age,» a three-part film with a total running time of 280 minutes. Nominated at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2013, the film created an intricately researched medieval landscape, mixing 2D and 3D video, as well as a rich narrative and grand worldview rendered in elaborate realism.

Tatsuyuki Tanaka
With a unique worldview created by his strong animation skills, Tanaka has acquired a passionate following among fans, as well as much attention from overseas. He made his debut in the industry as an animator working on Katsuhiro Otomo’s «Akira.» His storyboarding is adept at constructing ideas, playing a key role in his productions. His character design for the video game «Linda Cube» made a big stir, after which he has worked as director for short animation films for STUDIO4C and in 2003 published a collection of his work, «Cannabis Works.» On top of working among the top class of animators, he is active widely, including acclaimed illustrations and manga, as well as in recent years working on production design for live-action films.



New Animation Music Videos:


«Koshin» (Communication) by Akaiko-en 
Key message: «Our existence overflows with mysticism.»
Chiaki Sato (vocals), Maisa Tsuno (guitar), Hikari Fujimoto (bass), Naho Utagawa (drums)
After meeting at a high school music club, Tsuno joined Sato, Fujimoto and Utagawa’s original cover band to form Akaiko-en (Red Park). With an average age of just twenty, this band is unlike any other girl group in its impact and dynamism. Expectations are running high that this year the ladies will have their big break.
A comeback album «Imasara / Koshin / Sayonara wa iwanai » will be released on July 3, 2013
A first full album «Ko-en debut» will be released on August 14, 2013.

Key message: «A changing world heading towards destruction.»
Una was a charismatic and popular store assistant in the Harajuku street fashion scene when she was featured in a street snap showcase in a fashion magazine, leading to her debut as a Harajuku-style model. She has since established a totally new ideal of Harajuku model that is not only kawaii (cute) but also cool.She made her singing debut this year with the single JUICY JUICY, which is to be released on August 14, 2013.

«FORTUNE FUTURE!» by petit milady
Key message: «New energy suggestions.»
petit milady
A unit comprised of two popular voice actresses, Yuki Aoi and Ayana Taketatsu, known for playing heroines in numerous anime films.

<Event Information>
-PES (Peace Eco Smile) Music Video Koshin

Date: July 5 (Friday) 11:30-12:30
Venue: Japan Expo Stage
Guests: Toshiyuki Kubooka(Director), Tatsuyuki Tanaka(Director) and Una
All visitors could also receive a GENGA of a character from «BERSERK Golden Age.»


<Event Announcement>
Japan Expo 14th Impact creates a buzz at the concert venue!
meets ANA

?The music event «PES NEXT GENERATION LIVE! TOYATA x STUDIO4C meets ANA» will see internationally popular J-pop artists take to the stage at the J.E. Live House, a major highlight of the annual Japan Expo expected to draw 8,000 visitors. It will feature Una – set to make her big break this year – and also unveil music collaborations as part of the PES project, along with May’n and NIGHTMARE and others with overseas followings creating a real buzz with Japanophile French audiences. The concert event also features a massive lottery draw with luxury prizes. Lottery tickets will be distributed from July 4th (Thursday) at the TOYOTA X STUDIO4C meets ANA booth.



See above.
Sakito (guitar), Ni-ya (bass), YOMI (vocals), RUKA (drums), Hitsugi (guitar)
Formed in January 2001. After independently releasing numerous limited edition demo tracks and singles, the band made its major debut in August 2003 with «Believe.» Their many hits include «the WORLD/Alumina,» as used in the theme song for the popular 2006 TV anime series «Death Note,» as well as other theme songs for TV anime series, such as «Raison d’etre» from «Claymore,» «Dirty» for «Neuro – Supernatural Detective,» «Lost in Blue» for «Box of Goblins» (Mouryou no Hako), «Naked Love,» and more. NIGHTMARE is a band right in the spotlight of the industry today.
This singer’s name is derived from her real name, as well as how she always hopes to create «songs that can be everyone’s main theme.» Her big break came when she sang Sheryl Nome (Galactic Fairy)’s song on the TV anime series «Macross Frontier.» She is one of the most up-and-coming new female rock vocalists today.
Yoko Hamasaki (vocals), Tenma Matsunaga (vocals), Shin ZeZe (guitar), Kei Yachimura (keyboard), Kyoichi Kagiyama (drums)
This «trauma techno-pop» band was born in twenty-first century Tokyo, a creative unit headed by Matsunaga, who handles not only the songs but also the artwork and music videos.
Natsuko Aso (lead presenter for «Japan in Motion»)
AOP (Anime O-en project)


Date: July 6 (Saturday) 16:00-18:00
Venue: J.E. Live House (Hall 5B1)
Appearing: Una, NIGHTMARE, May’n, Urbangarde, Natsuko Aso, SUZUKA, Caroline Segarra and AOP

TOYOTA X STUDIO4C Booth Activities
Interact with NaSuBi: Move NaSuBi on the Screen!
NaSuBi Trick Art – A Gap Between Dimensions Appears at Japan Expo!
NaSuBi Ball Target Game: Take aim and get giveaways!

Special Signing Session with Anime Directors
Date: July 6 (Saturday) 14:00-15:00
Venue: TOYOTA X STUDIO4C meets ANA Booth
Toshiyuki Kubooka, director of cult hit «Berserk Golden Age,» and Tatsuyuki Tanaka, famed for his animation work on «Akira,» will come to France to take part in the event. There will be a chance to get their autograph at the STUDIO4C booth!
(Autographs available for first 30 persons per director. Total: 60 persons.)

PES (Peace Eco Smile) meets IS JAPAN COOL?
A collaboration between two projects «PES» and «IS JAPAN COOL?» by ANA will be a new attempt aiming to build unprecedented demand in global markets by pooling and promoting cultural content together, rather than separately as the regular products or services. «TOYOTA X STUDIO4C meets ANA» aiming to disseminate the spirit of Japan to the world through diverse content that contains a national character and its peculiar value as a soft power.

Is Japan Cool? by ANA 
‘IS JAPAN COOL?’ is a project intended to revive interest in tourism in Japan by exploring Japan’s culture and appeal as a travel destination. With the introduction of  ‘”DREAMS” on July 4th, world of animation, manga and games that represent Japanese culture is explored and “PES” is included as one of the contents.  “IS JAPAN COOL?’ began with Season 1 in February 2012, broadly showcasing the wonders found across Japan. Further content was added for Season 2 with a focus on two cities which each have their own unique fascination, titled ‘OKINAWA’ and ‘TOKYO’. Also included was additional content of Japan’s unique sub-culture of “Cosplay”. Season 3 introduces “Fascination of Japan” with diverse themes such as ‘TRADITIONS’, ‘KAWAII’, and newly added “RAMEN”.


ToyToyota project: PES (Peace Eco Smile) Concept
Human evolution is represented by the history of mobility. Cars bring our mobility to life, and yet all too often, everyone talks about the complicated technological aspects of automobiles rather than just the joy of mobility. TOYOTA has discovered the «TOY» in its own corporate name as the origin of lively and cheerful joy. Then, as part of ToyToyota projects aimed at spreading the joy of mobility, TOYOTA and STUDIO4C, a leading Japanese animation studio, have together created an animation series, PES (Peace Eco Smile), following a curious alien exploring the joy of driving and the importance of safety.
In 2013, TMSM started a new collaboration project, «NEXT GENERATION – PES (Peace Eco Smile) – CROSS COLLABORATION,» to communicate its message globally through producing a full animation film with leading directors and various kinds of collaborations in organic connections with other people, things, and places. 
Can we together create «the future that everyone wants» to change ideas about mass consumption and economic efficiency today?
The energy to do this is actually inside human hearts. The source for putting it in motion is music and this is why PES is making music videos along with a new animation film.
The power of anime and music can cross over barriers of language and nation, creating understanding between diverse cultures and civilizations, giving us courage and healing. It is the energy of miracles.
PES(Peace Eco Smile) is this new energy, wishing to be the path towards a future we can create at any time.

The special PES website: 

TOYOTA X STUDIO4C Presents PES will hold Premiere Screening & Special Live at JAPAN EXPO!

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